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Unique holiday lettings in or near Bath. Choose between lovely flats, town houses or quaint cottages, around the heritage city of Bath. Most properties are in listed buildings in Bath's conservation area and within easy walking distance of the Roman Baths.

Our featured properties

Take a look at some of our most wanted apartments, all based within in and around Bath.

Skylight Loft – Views over Bath

2 Bedrooms - Sleeps 3
From £135 - £200 per night

Paragon Townhouse

Sleeps up to 10 persons
From £550 to £750 per night

Dressmaker’s Salon

3 Bedrooms - Sleeps up to 5 persons
From £175 - £375 per night

A little bit about Bath

Bath is a small, but cosmopolitan and lovely city. In the time of King George, the city fathers built many innovative buildings in a style that has come to be known as the Georgian Style. Bath is the birthplace of this once modern architecture. Now, with its architectural integrity and the golden hue of its stone, it is one of the jewels of Britain's heritage.

Join up with us and let your Bath property

If you have a property, a small apartment, a large flat, on any floor of a period building, but in the city centre or close to any one of Bath's remarkable landmarks, whether it be the Royal Crescent, The Assembly Rooms, the Circus, the Baths, the Spa, the Pulteney Bridge or the Holburne Museum, your property, with the right marketing, will attract these visitors.