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Comments for Maia Suite - 7044

Maia Suite - July 2014

Maia Suite - 7044
Bath was fun, Bath was cool, we went and used the swimming pool. A boat trip, The Roman Spa. Thanks heavens we were able to park the car. The flat was lovely, the perfect abode. It's cared for well and maintained well, it showed. We'd come back, and we'd recommend, to family, acquaintance, stranger and friend. The cookies and croissants a nice little touch. We've loved every second, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Christy and Steve

Laura's little extras:

Let Laura provide those little extras to make your occasion more festive.

Everything from Chocolates to Roses, Champagne to Truffles. Just let us know what you need and we will have it ready for your arrival.

Dancing and dining in Regency Splendour.

We are happy to announce the availability of a gorgeous property to rent for SPECIAL FUNCTIONS FOR UP TO 60 PERSONS. This is the same Regency Townhouse used for the filming of Persuasion. Dine in Regency Splendour in this magnificent Banqueting Room and enjoy dancing in the majestic Ball Room and Drawing Room. Contact Laura for more information.

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